French tattoo quotes

French is the language of love. Paris is a very romantic city. So why not choose a tattoo in French? This may be a good idea for you to be the only one to understand the meaning.
Below you will find dozens of ideas tattoo quotes or words in French with English translations.
Many topics are covered: love, life, philosophy, etc.
We have assembled a potpourri (pot-pourri is a french word!) of french quotes and words for you to use freely for your next tattoo.
If you choose a tattoo in French, do not forget the accents that are very important.

Aime moi pour ce que je suis (Love me for who I am)

Aimer et être aimer (To love and be loved)

Amour (Love)

Amour de ma vie (Love of my life)

Aime moi pour qui je suis (Love me for who I am)

C'est la vie (That's life)

Derrière chaque nuage, il y a un soleil (Behind every cloud, there's a sun)

Espoir (Hope)

Force (Strength)

Heureux (Happy)

Il y a toujours de l'espoir (There is always hope)

Je rêve de toi (I dream of you)

Je ne regrette rien (I regret nothing)

Joie (Joy)

L'amour est la réponse (Love is the answer)

L'amour fou (Crazy love)

L'amour triomphe de tout (Love conquers all)

La vie (The life)

La vie continue (Life goes on)

La vie est belle (Life is beautiful)

La vie est faite de petits bonheurs (Life is made of the little moments)

La vie enseigne, l'amour révèle (Life teaches, Love reveals)

La joie de vivre (The joy of living)

La vie en rose (The life in pink)

On ne vit qu'une fois (Only live once)

Aime moi pour qui je suis (Love me for who I am)

Suivez votre coeur (Follow your heart)

Vivre passionnément (Live passionately)

Vivre pour l'amour (Live to love)